Why Yoked Apparel

It all started with an observation:

The current market is flooded with athletic brands selling all the same products with just different logos, pushing one collection after the other betting on short-lived trends.

This isn’t what we want, this isn’t what we are about. We want to wear quality products, reasonably priced, designed by the creative behind the brand we trust. We also want those products to be classy and durable, not going out of style after 6 months. So if it doesn’t exist the way we want, we will make it.

Oh and why call it Yoked? Well, here is a definition to help understand.

     informal  (American slang)
  • well built. 

Yoked Apparel stands behind that, we make well built products for well built people. We design our clothes, we choose the fabric, we custom make the color, we select the stitching, we manufacture them and we sell them. No middleman. No nonsense.

Yoked Apparel development


When Yoked Apparel started

The first prototypes were made in 2016, the development took 2 years before the brand launched on July 2018 with the menswear and the hats.

During the development, we spent most of the time creating our unique designs, developing our own patterns and visiting factories to collaborate with. We are proud of the final result that is showcased in our first 2018 collection.

Tristan Durand Yoked Apparel


Where is Yoked Apparel

YOKED APPAREL is located in New York, fashion capital of the world. Being in this city full of energy is not just a cool factor, it guarantees us to be in sync with all the influences the world has to offer.

We make our products from start to finish and are the only one selling them.

Yoked Apparel New York City

Who is behind Yoked Apparel

The founder of YOKED APPAREL is Marlon Lopez. Marlon has a passion for style, fitness and making ideas real, so after building previous companies like Rockland Supplements, it was time to combine his skills with his hobbies to create the products you see now.

Whether you are in the process of getting more fit or you already are in top shape, we want our clothes to help you feel like a hero. 

We are YOKED APPAREL, the clothing line for the modern athlete.

If you have questions, contact us here