Muscle Fit T-shirt v9 - Heathered Light Blue

Size Guide

Do you work out? Are you looking for clothes that fit your body and feel nice to the touch? Want them stylish and have that dapper look too?

Yoked Apparel™ makes T-shirts like no one else. This last release of our T-shirt keeps our butter-soft fabric for muscular bodies and gets updates based on customer's feedback (see below for more).

Here is why a Yoked Apparel T-shirt is unique and different from the competition:

Soft - Yoked Apparel™ tri-blend fabric, super smooth on skin, stays stretchy and soft overtime (60% cotton / 35% polyester / 5% spandex)

Yoked Design - No boxy T-shirt with us, our V taper fit + yoke panel on upper back guarantee a neat stylish look by accentuating the right curves

Durable - Strong stitching all over (flatlock seam on hems, double needle stitch on collar)

Attention to details - Hi-quality silicone neck label made to be forgotten (not itchy)

Variety - Comes in 5 colors


We ship from New York and deliver in a couple of days all across the US. We also have a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy with full refund if you're not in love with our products.


Differences with our previous T-shirt (the Seriously Muscle Fit T-Shirt):

  • Updated fit (less wide in the back but still a muscle fit)
  • Back panel structure now includes an upper panel (called a yoke)
  • No logo on the chest anymore (very clean look, so you're comfortable and confident everywhere)
  • Same great fabric that everybody loves
  • We now have very limited editions of designs we print on the T-shirts

As always, free returns with 100% refund guarantee.