Merino Wool Hoodie

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Our Premium 100% Merino Wool Hoodie in Navy Blue, a soft yet durable sweater to layer up in class.

Handmade in a factory that works exclusively with wool, featuring our customized YOKED APPAREL™ fabric, proprietary navy blue color and durable YKK zipper.

It's the perfect sweater for a fitted look and a blanket-like feel. Outdoor activities or indoor workouts, this hoodie will stay soft and strong all along.

But Why Merino?

When it comes to staying warm, why take something man-made when nature already engineered the best fiber?

Sheep in Snow Yoked Apparel

Sheep grow their fleece to keep them warm in rough climate. Adult sheep are capable of enduring the outdoors during the thick of winter.

In the summer, they love to be sheared by their caring shepherd.

Wool crimp Yoked Apparel

Want To Learn More About Merino Wool?

Merino is odor neutralizing, moisture wicking, temperature regulating, easy to care for, provides UV protection and is very soft to the touch. Oh and it's sustainable because 100% natural...

You need Merino wool, you just might not know it yet.

Merino Sheep Yoked Apparel

Merino sheep are carrying the finest fleece, but unlike other breeds of sheep they don't shed. They need us to keep them comfortable in the summer, which is just enough time before fall to collect, clean, dye and weave this precious fiber into our amazing fabric.

Yoked Apparel Wool Mill

What Makes This Hoodie So Good?

The fabric is 100% Merino wool in 300gsm, which means it's light, breathable, and stylish; we didn't want to go for a bulky look with this design.

Our hoodie is slim fit and is made for active people (it has an inside pocket on the right side to secure your keys from flying out of the main pocket when you run, jump or lie on a bench).

The color is a deep navy blue and all stitching is flatlock (aka non-abrasive on the skin and super durable), it also has our 3D silicone logo on chest.

Navy Blue Hoodie Merino Wool Slim Fit logo Yoked Apparel

Whether you go on a camping trip to climb a mountain, need an extra layer to warm up at the gym or want to lounge in something soft, this hoodie is your new loyal companion.


All models wear size Large on photos.