May 21, 2019 1 min read

What to expect from John Jay Park outdoor gym? What kind of workout can be done in this Manhattan Upper East Side location? Let us show you!

John Jay Park has pull-up bars of different heights, monkey bars, parallel bars, incline benches and bodyweight leg presses.
The exercises you can do are pull-ups, chin ups, hammer grip pull ups, Australian pull-ups, push ups, incline push ups, dips, leg raises, crunches and much more.
The floor is padded with black rubber so is clean and dirt free the bars are also in good shape and the overall look of the park is clean and well maintained. You'll even find bathrooms and a water fountain. Several basketball courts and of course a kid area with swings.
Check it on our video to have a complete view of what to expect.


Step by step we are showing all the FREE outdoor gyms of Manhattan. We like to display New York to the world in a way that wasn't done before. So whether you're a New Yorker or you're planning to come visit, keep those videos in mind!

Today it's John Jay Park in Upper East Side, a clean residential and rather quiet neighborhood. Here is our video:

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