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What is the workout area at the East River Park? What kind of workout can be done in this outdoor gym?

East River Park has pull-up bars of different heights, monkey bars, push up bars, parallel bars for dips and incline benches for core/abs exercises. There is also one of those heavy stone people use as a step to reach the bars, we like to use that stone as a weight.
With all those stations you can work all your muscles if you get creative. We like full-body workouts so that's what we show in the video. But much more exercises could be performed:
- any grip variations of pull ups and chin ups
- push ups and incline push ups
- dips
- leg raises (hanging or incline)
- crunches

The park is paved with rubber tiles which keeps the gym clean (no mud).
Check the video to see what it looks like as we go for a circuit-training workout in it.

On our quest to show New York City free outdoor gyms, we stopped at the East River Park Gym on a sunny day. The goal of those videos is for New Yorkers or tourists to know what to expect when they go to any of those parks to work out.

East River Park is very central in New York, it's not the most nature-looking park but it has a track, turf, basketball court and of course all bodyweight stations as you can see in this video:

Video breakdown:

00:10 What workout are we doing today? (circuit training)
00:23 Start of workout
02:31 End of workout
Workout of the video:
Jump roping (30 seconds)
Hammer grip pull ups (8 reps)
Dips (10-12 reps)
Stone squats (12 reps)

Those 4 exercises are done back to back without rest in between, it forms a giant set. This giant set is repeated 4 more time without rest besides walking (fast) from one station to the other.

As always, before that type of lengthy circuit training, drink plenty of water BEFORE, you don't want to stop during because your mouth gets too dry. Drink 20oz before to stay hydrated. It's good for you anyway and your performance will stay consistent as opposed to crash halfway in.

Yoked Apparel gear worn in that video:

White snapback YA logo silicone stripes

dark grey workout tank top YA logo

Slim fit black mens Joggers YA logo

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Chris Platt
Chris Platt

January 14, 2020

Ummm, hate to tell you, but East River Park is on the eastside of Manhattan, along the (sorry!) East River. Just east of the FDR (a/k/a East River Drive).

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